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Our Guarantee and Pricing Policy

The breeding schedule at Laura Kennels is always planned and executed only after a great deal of thought is given to which mating pairs will produce the best American (Performance) Bulldogs.   We x-ray or test our breeding stock to satisfy ourselves and our customers that we are using only the best dogs to breed.   All of our pups are $1500.   A $350 deposit will hold a pick position for you with all balances due before placement.  
Our pups are all NKC registered, in good health, and up to date on vaccinations.

Our puppies are given every consideration from before they are conceived. After they are born, they are put on a strict regimen of nutrition, vaccinations, and socialization.   Our pups will be vaccinated and treated for parasites before they are placed.  They are also kept on a strict nutritional program including adequate protein, fat, and Prevention™ product.   We strongly believe in and have witnessed amazing results with this combination.

Our guarantee is predicated upon your keeping your pup on this Prevention™ product.   If you come to us with a diagnosis of hip dysplasia, we will check our records for the amount of Prevention™ that you have purchased. After that verification is made, we will require that the diagnosis of hip dysplasia be recorded by a licensed veterinarian.   His diagnosis must be signed with his license and telephone number and sent to me.   At our request, a second opinion may be required from a non-affiliated vet at my expense.   If the pup is found to have a problem that will effect his quality of life, I will proceed with a replacement pup.  No money will be refunded.   I will replace the pup with one of equal value out of the next litter. We will not require that the first pup be returned to us however, we will require proof that the original pup has been neutered before a replacement is sent.   This guarantee is good for the period of one year and is only implied between the breeder and the original buyer, not a 3rd party.   If the pup has been bred (male or female) the guarantee is void.  This guarantee does not cover dysplasia due to injury or improper nutrition or environmental conditions.   If the pup has not been x-rayed or diagnosed by the time he is one year old, all guarantees are void.

All expenses for the above mentioned procedures are the sole responsibility of the buyer. If buyer wishes to return the pup, then any and all shipping charges are the sole responsibility of the buyer. If the buyer wishes the breeder to send him a replacement pup, the shipping charges for that pup are also the responsibility of the buyer.

Our goal is to provide great dogs to great people -- people who appreciate the breed and who agree with us that maintaining this original old line Southern farm Bulldog is a worthy cause.   We want you as a customer to be completely satisfied.   Always feel free to talk with us about any concerns that you may have.