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Below are listed just some of the pedigrees that

affect the breeding lines at Laura Kennels

I suppose you could say that we have a good dose 

of "Cowboy" mixed with just a hint of "Rip N Woody"

Abby    Laura's Royal Abby

Amos    Laura's Famous Amos

Annie   Laura's Upsouth Annie

Baby   Flora-Bama's Beach Baby of Laura

Baby Bear    Laura's Baby Bear

Bama Boy     Leclerc's Bama Boy

Benaiah   Laura's Benaiah On A Snowy Day of Joshua

                                                         Bear    Karasek's B.C. Grizzly of Power Play

Blackeyed Susan   Blackwell's Blackeyed Susan

Brick  Laura's Mighty Brickhouse

Bruno  Johnson's Dozier Bruno

  Callie    Laura's Cowgirl Callie Two

Cash   Laura's Outrageous Cash

Chance   Jones' Chance of Sand Valley

China   Laura's China of Isaac

Country Boy   Hines' Country Boy

Cowboy   Joshua's Sand Valley Sam

Crusher   OSW Crusher of A.S.

Dancer   Joshua's Dancer of Judah

Dixie   Laura's Down From Dixieman

Doozy   MGK's She's A Doozy

Doozy Too   Grand Cham MGK I'm A Doozy Too

Eli   Joshua's Elijah of Laura

Ellie   Joshua's Elizabeth of Laura

Elrod   Crimson's Elrod

Gator   Laura's Gator

Gator   MGK's Gator Red

Gracie   Laura's Sarah Grace of GSK

Isaac   Joshua's Isaac

Jack Frost   Jack Frost of Screaming Eagle

Jazzy   Laura's Yaffa Yasmin

JJ   Laura's JJ

 Joab   Joshua's Joab of Boyd

Josh   Joshua's Ol' Southern White

Kitty   Laura's Drew Kitty

Lady   Tate's Duchess Lady

Link   Laura's Link Back To Cowboy

Lucy   Laura's Lady Lucinda

Malachi   Joshua's Malachi of Laura

Mama   Maxwell's Mama Belle

May Mobley   Laura's May Mobley

Miss D-Meanor   Bear Paw's Miss D-Meanor

Miss Kitty  Laura's Miss Kitty

Misty  Laura's I Get Misty

Panda One   Laura's Panda Bear

Panda Two   Laura's Panda Bear Too 

Popeye   Popeye the Sailor

Possum    Joshua's Maxi Lou

Prada    Laura's Excellence By Design

Red Dawg   Bear Paw's Red Dawg of S.V.

Rip   Symme's Rip N Woody

Rock   Margentina's Sgt. Rock

Rounder   Wright's Rounder

Ruby   Ruby Farneti

Sarge   Bear Paw's First Sergeant

Shaska   Bozeman's Baby Shaska

Sheba     Imperial Sheba Girl of Joshua

Stoney  Eli's Stonewall of Laura

Suee  Laura's Song of The South

Suee   Laura's Southern Song

Susie Q   Johnson's Machine Susie Q

White Fang   Watchdog's White Fang


We welcome your contributions to our collection of Pedigrees.