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Just  Good  Bulldogs

Here Are Some Photos
of American Bulldogs
Past and Present
At Laura Kennels

(For photos of foundation dogs, see their respective pedigrees
Also check out Laura Kennels
Hall of Fame Heros on our "Remembered" page)

Laura's Amos

                                            Amos playing tug
                                              with his Dad, Malachi

Laura's China


 Drew's Kitty of Laura 


Laura's Malachi

See How Malachi Moves   
Malachi Alerts to ATV    
Malachi Guards Our Gate    
Dog Paddle

More Photos of Malachi    
Malachi Teaches Calm Submission   

When Lynn's Sister, Melody
Visited Us Recently
It Didn't Take Malachi Long
To Make Friends

          Laura's Panda

Panda Is No Stranger
To The Show Ring

Panda and Malachi
Hangin' In The Yard


Laura's  Sugar
She Added So Much Love To Our Lives

Laura's Everything Nice aka "Sugar"
5/3/2005 - 7/5/2017

All the heartfelt accolades we ever made for American Bulldogs were embodied in the magnificent specimen we called "Sugar".  She came into our lives as the quintessentially adorable pup and won our hearts at first sight.   Her bond with us was deepened daily by her loyalty, intelligence and intuition.   And although it seemed she was the one training us, in the end we realized how incredibly adaptable Sugar was to our lifestyle.   She knew whether we needed a nudge, a snuggle, or just her presence and support.   In twelve short years Sugar wove herself into the very fabric of all we did, and life will never be better than the days during which she graced our home.  Thank you, Sugar....you did everything just right.


Sugar & Link Were BFF's



Great  Bulldogs
Great  Puppies

(here are selections from our archives)