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Malachi / Panda

Here Is A Picture Pedigree

Showing  The Origins of Malachi and Panda
And Of Pups This Combination Produced In the Past

        Joshua's             Joshua's                  Wright's                    Wright's                                  Joshua's                      Joshua's White Bandit's          Joshua's           Laura's I Get Misty
Isaac                   Zamar                  Rock-A-Feller        Tammy Wynette                        Bailey
                           Baby Love                           Elijah                   of Joshua 
|_____________|                        |_______________|                                                     |___________________|                                         |______________|        
   |                                                                    |                                                                                    |                                                                               |        


     Joshua's Jacob                         DMX's Eve of A.S.                                      Joshua's Isaac                           Laura's Panda One          
|__________________________|                                                    |____________________________|
|                                                                                                          |

          Joshua's Malachi of Laura                                                            Laura's Panda Two
          Malachi's Pedigree                                                                          Panda's Pedigree



Female born January 2017 becomes NKC American Bulldog of 2018
(see more photos of this awesome dog named "Missy")

Male pup "Ben" born September 2017 now resides in Arizona

Female born January 2017 now at home in California

Male pup "Cane" born September 2017 lives in South Carolina

Females born 2016

Male born 2015;  "Moses" resides in central Florida

Male named "Blue" born in 2016

Female "Ddee" born 2016

More Malachi/Panda Pups Born 2016

Female "Remi" Born 2016

Female Pup "Panda 3" Born 2016